STEAM Curriculum 

Science - Technology- Engineering - Art- Math 

Each program at Ready, Set, Grow Learning Academy incorporates STEAM in fun and interactive ways. Research on STEAM and Early Childhood Education finds that learning is increased when students have multiple opportunities to explore. It is important to have student-based learning, where the student is at the center of their learning experience.    


How do we incorporate multiple learning opportunities?  


Our lessons are designed for our scholars to discover the concept throughout the day. Example:  While working on Counting to 10 (Math). Our educational leader encourages the child to count out Blocks in our Construction Area (Engineering), learning using both written and visual work with counting in different forms - could be coloring, drawing or painting (Art), on a walk outside counting leaves or other things in nature (Science) and playtime with one of our light boards (Technology). Each element of STEAM is integrated throughout the day, creating a continuum of learning. 


Why is STEAM important in Early Childhood Education? 


The five disciplines of STEAM are used in everyday life. They promote problem-solving, both creative and analytical thinking. Future occupational growth is expected to grow by at least 10% from now until 2020. Its never to early to introduce STEAM to a child. Research finds that children as young as two can participate in activities that involved STEAM. Here at RSG we start introducing these elements in our infant room, and progress interaction with age-appropriate learning activities as the child moves along in our programs.