Safety and Security


All entryways of our schools are secured by a video intercom security system, ensuring that only authorized visitors are allowed in the building.  This was implemented to ensure maximum security and safety of the children.  There are multiple video monitors throughout the center for easy viewing. The intercoms are equipped with audio capabilities and automatically record the moment the doorbell rings. New COVID-19 procedures are in place to keep our families safe.



Each classroom and playground has two security cameras which allow our staff to continuously monitor activities throughout the center.  Part of the Educational Leadership Management team screens the video throughout the day.  At this time we do not offer remote viewing of our center. Parents have the right to view the recordings at any time with the Director.  


CPR / First Aid Certified

All of our teachers are certified in First Aid and CPR, even though the State of Tennessee only requires us to have at least one certified person at each center at all times. In addition, we have numerous staff that are trained in medication administration and the use of Epi-Pens.


Background Checks

Another way we go beyond licensing requirements is by doing our own criminal conviction and background checks before a staff member starts working with children. We follow it up every year after that as well.


Drug Screening

In addition, we drug screen each employee. The State of Tennessee does not require drug screening for licensing requirements. However, to ensure the safety of our scholars; we drug screen each employee before they start working.  We reserve the right to randomly test employees. 



Intercom System

Our doors are equipped with intercom systems that allow our staff to communicate with visitors without physically opening the door.  Our Educational Leadership team is trained not to open the doors for unscheduled or unfamiliar visitors.  


Lockdown Procedures 

We also have lockdown procedures and we practice them regularly so our families can have full confidence that their children are in safe hands. We have an emergency preparedness plan filed with the Department of Human Services