Little Guppies




(3-4yrs old) 

Deep Divers


(4-5yrs old) 


Ready, Set, Grow Learning Academy is dedicated to promoting healthy self-image and to developing social skills through interaction with others, enhancing language development and self-expression through communication, strengthening motor skills and encouraging development through a variety of "learning by doing" activities while continuing to grow at each child's own developmental level. RSG focuses on the three important developmental Learning areas: socio-emotional, cognitive and physical development to support desired learning  




Independence and self-control are gained by learning to trust others.  RSG Learning leaders encourage scholars to take initiative, make their own decisions, use reasoning skills, practice listening skills, explore their environment and how to effectively express their feelings. We focus on teaching scholar to exhibit positive attitudes and pro-social behaviors. Scholars are taught how to use their words to express their feelings. 





We teach simple concepts that scholars can build on in order to accomplish taking on more complex concepts. Using senses in activities help infants discover that objects have weight, volume, color, and texture. Our older scholars learn by interacting with materials, learning leaders and their friends. 


One of the more important cognitive skills is the development of language. Infants begin by learning sounds have meaning, they then coo and babble and produce their own sound. Understanding and responding to words is developed from this foundation as they begin to associate the words to objects. The world around them begins to have more meaning as toddlers grow and expand their vocabulary by listening. As they grow older preschoolers connect their observations to the world as they explore, they love to talk about what they have found and continue to develop their ability to talk. Literacy is emerging! 


Scholars learn to group and classify things during their early childhood development. Classifying things in size, color and shape begin to transpire. When scholars are able to use their critical thinking skills, they are able to make sense of their experiences. Language development, critical thinking skills, the ability to classify, scholars acquire the foundation for reading, writing, and computing. 


Our goal is to help our scholars acquire learning and problem-solving skills, logical thinking skills, concepts that help them to understand the world, develop their imagination used in make-believe play, increase their verbal communication skills and develop reading and writing skills. Through developed areas in our learning academy, interactive activities and learning leaders communicating with scholars, they will learn and grow to the levels that we aim for them to be at. 




Throwing, catching, skipping, climbing and balancing are all gross development skills. Ready, Set, Grow Learning Academy provides a safe environment for scholars to explore. We allow children enough time to practice their newly learned skills. Their fine motors skills become refined during playtime, by doing things like building block towers, stringing beads, drawing circles and playing with different peg boards. 


Eye-hand coordination is developed through activities that require them to use their small muscle skills and a sense of direction. When a variety of materials are used in active play times children are able to use their new motor skills. 

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