About Us

Our Goals

Ready Set Grow Learning Academy goals provide us a path to our desirable outcomes for our students. These goals provide direction and motivation for the quality of care and
education we provide.

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Core Values



We believe every child deserves excellence in early learning programs and services to
make a difference in their lives and our community



All students are included in our learning environment. We welcome all with open
arms and love in our hearts.


Respect is essential in building relationships with our students and families that last a lifetime. Respect is a key component of our work as it helps to optimize the talents and diversity we bring into the school as partners in the child’s growth and development.



We pride ourselves on providing open communication with all our business
partners. This allows us to be transparent, open, and honest with one another and, in turn, provides the best environment for our students at home and at school.

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The combined action of the educators and the families working together provides
an effective and efficient working relationship. By acting together as a team, we are working toward the best interests of our common cause, which is for our little ones!

Language Development

Cognitive Development: Science, Math and Social Studies

Social Emotional

Physical Development: Fine and Gross Motor

Sensory Exploration

Art, Music, Dance and Creative Expression


Our mission is to provide a safe, nurturing, exciting, and quality learning environment for all our students.


Our vision is to provide a community where all students feel respected, loved, and encouraged to become the best person they can be.


Ready Set Grow Learning Academy believes that children by nature are active and curious. 

We feel it is important to provide activities for social growth, positive self-image and the development of school readiness skills, which can lead to future academic success.