Infant Care

The infant program offers personalized care that supports learning through developmentally appropriate practices. Our staff will help your baby meet developmental milestones. Trained teachers assist and encourage children as they work on physical development and healthy interactions with other babies and adults. Our Daily Communication sheets track your infant’s progress and provide you with individualized notes.

Toddler Care


Our toddler program focus on self-soothing and self-regulation techniques, promoting independence, motor-skill development, and coordination. All Ready, Set, Grow Learning Academy teachers track your toddler’s progress through our daily communication sheets, which provide individualized notes about what your child learned each day at school.



Preschool is an exciting new adventure in your child’s life. Our teachers are dedicated to helping our preschoolers’  explore and develop their sense of self. Through our creative curriculum we will help your child build their confidence in the classroom. A key pillar of our preschool program includes creating a safe and secure learning environment where children feel comfortable to explore and take risks.

Our daily schedule provides flexibility and consistency, as well as a good mix of physical play, social and emotional development and communication. All our early academic lessons are geared towards furthering their development.

After School


Our before and after school program encourages imagination, builds pride, and offers new challenges. It provides opportunities for academic success while children gain knowledge in core subject areas. By promoting a positive classroom culture, our curriculum allows children to experience new adventures, which inspires a lifelong love of learning and exploration.

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